Bullitt vs POC helmet


    Bullitt vs POC helmet


    Pre-order your Limited edition Bullitt helmet now...(till 15 January)

    Together with the swedish helmet producer POC, Larry vs Harry made a Bullitt vs POC helmet.

    Known as the producer of some of the best and coolest helmets on the market, this collaboration is a match in heaven.


    This model is the road bike helmet,POC Octal Raceday.

    It comes in 3 different colors: hydrogen white,nickel blue and fluorescent pink.

    Sizes are S (50-56 cm) , M (54-60 cm) and L (56-62 cm).

    The helmet weights from 190 to 205 grams depending on the size.

    This is a very limited edition, all helmets are made on request only!!