Urban Arrow Export


    Urban Arrow Export


    We can send your Urban Arrow all over the world and can even give you a VAT refund* if the bike is being shipped outside the EU.

    The bike will be shipped 75% assembled, split in two boxes to reduce the volume. A qualified bike mechanic will be able to fully assemble the bike in abbot 60-90 minutes. If you think you have the mechanical skills yourself and some basic tools you can decide to assemble te bike yourself using the instruction film below (It is easy to overestimate ones' skills and we therefore do recommend to have it done by a qualified bike mechanic).

    Shipping is free in Europe (EU). For other locations please let us know your details and we will give you a quote on the shipping costs. We’ve done this before to Australia, France, UK, the US, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Israel, Mexico, Colombia and other countries. Being in business for over 20 years we are a reliable partner and you can be sure we handle your order with the highest degree of care.

    The total weight of the 2 boxes is 50kg. measurements of the boxes are:

    • Box 1 (front frame): 120 x 70 x 90cm
    • Box 2 (rear frame): 130 x 30 x90cm

    If you prefer to arrange shipping yourself (outside the EU) that makes it even easier for us. We will inform you when we have the bike ready for shipping, so you can give orders to have it picked up at our shop. Our shop is near an exit of the main highway and easy accessible for big trucks. Of course we can also have it dropped at any location in the Netherlands for further shipping.

    The new Urban Arrow models 2018 are available now in mat-black (mat zwart) and white (wit) with:

    1. Rollerbrakes Bosch Active support, 50Nm and 400Wh power-pack
    2. Shimano discbrakes Bosch Performance Line support, 63 Nm and 400W power-pack
    3. Shimano discbrakes Bosch Performance Line CX support, 75 Nm and 500W power-pack

    It takes us about 1-2 weeks from the moment you order before we can ship your Urban Arrow. All purchased accessories will be included in the box

    (*We charge €75.- administration costs to process a VAT refund and can do so only if you provide us with the required documents.)